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  A1 Letters  





Write a Letter Asking the Clearing Agents to Collect Goods for Booking and r/rs for Release.



Dear Sir,


With reference to your letter dated __________, please arrange to collect:


(i)                   ___ __parcels to be booked to various railway stations

(ii)                 _____ parcels to be booked through road transport

(iii)                ______ Railway receipts

______ Road transport goods receipts



Thanking You


Yours faithfully

Your Name






1.    Invoice

(a)    Give complete description of the articles with size and also material used for manufacture, quantity with net weight of goods.

(b)    State whether the value is FOB or CIF

(c)    Make separate invoices for articles of different material.

2.   Packing list (a) give details of contents in each package and also gross weight and net weight             of each case accurately


(b)    Packing of articles made of different material is done in separate cases.


(c) Separate weight or metals used in manufacture is required for claiming drawback.

3.   G.R.I. Form: only typed G.R.I Form is accepted by the Customs.  This should not be


4.  Order Contract: Must show the price of each unit.  Price on the nvoice/invoices must  tally with prices given in the contract.


5.  Railway/Transport receipts: Give separates RR/GR for each shipment.  Goods may  preferably be dispatched by Railway freight PREPAID basis to reach Railway Station.


6.  Marketing: All cases must be marked by stencil with private marking; packing lists must show such marking and case number, destination, country and gross weight before dispatching.


7.  In case of any discount in the invoice, the Buyer’s Central Bank permission for such  discount may be required.


8. If confirmed shipping space is required, rush forth the full set of documents as early as  practicable, goods could follow at a later date.



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