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Write a Clearing Agants'Letter Subsequent to the Visit of their Representative.


Dear Sirs,


This is with further to the proposal visit of our public Relations officer, Mr.____ on ___________ to your office.


We are pleased to confirm the details as under


1.     The charge for each post packet will be Rs: ___ subject to a minimum of Rs: _______

2.     Each rail and road parcel shall be charged at Rs: ________ per parcel irrespective of the size and weight, subject to a minimum of Rs:_______

3.     Each ship and air parcel will be charged at Rs:____ per parcel subject to a maximum of Rs: __________

4.     All the expenses of the freight etc. shall be paid at the time of delivery of goods while monthly bill shall be issued on _____ of every month for our services, which must be cleared before _______ of that month.

5.     All your goods shall be lifted within three hours from the receipt of information from your end.  If for any reason, goods are not booked or the released goods not delivered to you on the same day, they will be stored in our godown at our expense and the follow-up action shall be done on the next working day.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all times


Yours faithfully



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