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A love letter From a boy of land lord to a girl of tenant living in the same house.


Darling Ross.   

Since you have arrived at this house, I feel too much delighted. Your sweet but low singing in the bath room fetches my attention forcibly towards you . And big, beautiful and black eyes bewitch me . Your proportionate body and female deer like your gait attract me very much. I want to be lost in you. My feelings about you are not unpious. I have a yearning to sit by you and talk to you hours together in a lonely place where nobody comes to disturb us. My eyes long for watching you very closely . Only for few days ago, you have come to my house as tenent but it seems to me that you for centuries .

Dear Ross , I have been in the contact of hundreds of girls in my college and many of them elsewhere but believe me dear, my heart has naver been won by any one of them. In your case , I have given my heart to you only in a look.

I trust you are the girl of my dreams. I always dreamt of a simple gentle and polite girl. And you possess all these qualities.

I hope you will reciprocate my love.

Yours captive,



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