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A Love Letter from a rich girl to a poor boy who teaches her English literature as her tutor-Reply



Dear Maria,

I went through your letter. Having this sort of letter from you I am in suspense. Dear Maria, you are really lovable. Your love for me, perhaps is compassion for me. No doubt, we are compeer in many characteristics. I am already weak and you are making me weaker. I am melting within me. I have praised your beauty to me for several times. I have peeped in your heart through your eyes. And your eyes also have told me your heart's state. I too lave deep love for you. But I dared not to express it to you.

For two or three times I felt pressure on my feet and I withdrew my feet pack. Perhaps you did it knowingly Since then I am restless. I swear I will ,ove you with my whole heart and think my life well spent if it can make you happy.

Oh, my darling. I wiII always love you.

Yours affectionately,



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