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A love Letter from a rich girl to poor boy who teaches her English Literature as her tutor.


My dear ........... 

In the eyes of my family members, you are a tutor. But for me you are something more. A boy whom I love. I want to see the same fire in you. I want to awake love in you. I am the girl who can be taught the lessons of love. I want to wrap you in my arms and vice versa.

Your knowledge, your method of teaching English and your speaking of English these all have charmed me. You are a good looking and impressive and mellifluent boy. You can win any girls love easily. Physically we are very near but mentally very far from each other. I want to finish this distance. Our study room is quite separate. Nobody comes to disturb us. We can easily express our love to each other. To improve your economic condition, I can help you a lot. My father is very much impressed with you from your deportment. "You are very soon going to get a gift packet from him"on my birthday. I too want to give a suit to you at this occasion.

Please, don't feel any inferiority in you. You are really a respectable* man and deserve my love. Let us feel each other closely.

I shall be waiting for your positive response.

Yours ever,



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