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A different religion girl fell in love affairs with the other religion boy-Reply



My dear Rehana,

Today, I received your heart touching letter. In fact, I could not believe that you would write a letter to me. Before this event, I never thought that you like me so much. Really I am very lucky. Your love letter has created a tempest in me. I feel as if I am in heaven. I do not have words to express my love to you. It has been so sudden that I hardly know when it began.
So far religion is concerned, it is not a hurdle on the way of love. There are several cases in the history , which prove that the religions do not prevent love affairs. So, don't think of religion.

Even today I feel your soft touch when you gave me my books which I left on the reading table of the library. You deliberately touched my shoulder from the back side to give my books to me. I paid you thanks. In the courtesy you said "No mention". Now I feel that it was your first expression of love to me.

Your call to come to China Gate is a great offer to me. I will avail this opportunity. And I will quench the thirst of my eyes and feel your breath by sitting closely.  

How nice of you Rehana.

Yours own,



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