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A different religion girl fell in love affairs with the other religion boy.


Dear Samm,

Perhaps you would not trust that I have written this letter to you. But it is a reality and take it as a reality. Your whole of the personality bewitches me. Your curly hair, broad forehead and big sharp eyes fascinate me. I feel as if you are made for me only. In solitude, I think about you hours together. Your handsome face and especially your heart piercing glance wander in front of my eyes. It is said that heart goes to heart. Don't you think about me ? Does your heart not leap for me ? But my heart does. I pine for your company. I want to sit beside you.

Please, spare a little time for me in the evening of Sunday the next. I want to see you in the China Gate. That is the place where we can sit and talk for a while in solitude. My love for you is like a red rose. And two blooming hearts are longing to embrace each other. Let them do so.

It is my first letter for fires love. I am not aware of the result. But I am on fire constantly.with one ambition and that is to meet you. Religion is no bar in our love, it is a manner of heart.
I can wait for you for ages.

Yours only,



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