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Love at first sight-Reply


Dear John,

I do not know your real name. But I know this much only that your sister was calling you as 'John'. So I take you as John. Your sister is a friend of my elder sister working in the same office. Our house locates at Circle Road. I am a college going girl and studying in B.Sc. Part II. Your love letter has moved me and my heart. I have never before got such a letter. You have praised me exaggerately. I do not possess the virtues which you have mentioned in the letter.

By going through your letter, I developed a feeling of somewhat pleasure deep down in my heart. Now I understand why I felt restive when you looked keenly at my face and form at your sister's house.

Please, keep writing to me regularly. I love your writing. You know I am a girl, I can enjoy liberty in a limit only.

Ever waiting.






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