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Positive Reply

My Dear Andrew,

It's really amazing to know of your feelings. Certainly I shall reciprocate these lofty feelings and sensations.But beware, it is a dangerous game. The road is not so clear as you think. It is blocked and blocked by so many intruders.

Let us be slow and steady. Let us wait and watch till the mist becomes clear: All of a sudden we should not jump into this deep abyss so as to be lost till eternity. Let us be cautious.

Actually speaking, I have also some soft corner for you at my heart, but a word stands in my way. I'll meet you in the college after your recess tomorrow. But I'm sorry no further meetings will be possible. My parents keep vigil on me for they have a right to do so. But I'll make a mention of you. Let us hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Yours ever,

Lily Francis

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