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A Love Letter from a boy of landlord to girl of tenant living in the same house-Reply


Dear Macc,

Today in the morning I got your letter in the opening of the window of my room. I do not know, why ? I was expecting this sort of letter from you. I went through your letter and found that the fire has equally set both the sides. The first moment I entered this house, I was too much impressed with your mellifluent talks and mellow conduct. Being postgraduate in Psychology I can read the faces also.

I read your letter again and again and every successive reading gave me an extra pleasure and a joy whose depth I cannot measure. My heart began to leap in my breast. The whole day I felt as light as a feather. Your letter is like gentle showers on me from the heaven.

Oh, how much I like you, I need you. My condition is like a fishwhich is left with little water in its tank.

You are an ocean of love and I am only a small pebble lying on the seashore.
Pining for your love's drop, only a drop.

Your beloved,



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