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Love at first sight.


Dear darling Mona,

It would not be a misnomer if I say that you are a sweetness of sweet heart. In the first sight I have, given you my heart. Perhaps, there is something in your look which can attract anything towards you. My acquaintance with you at my sister's house was only accidental. Such an accidental meeting meant, we have been in love with each other for ages. So, how can we live apart from each other for long.I want to sit by you-by holding your hand and talk together for hours. Your first innocent glance has pierced my heart. You have made me uneasy and restless. You have not captured my heart but my whole soul and feelings, I have become numb. Nothing can bring me in my senses. Your sweet talks, lovely face, lotus eyes, coral lips and rosy cheeks always float in my eyes. Every moment I think of you only and nothing else.

Dear Mona, I want to hear you, I want to see you, I want to sit by you and I want your company which may be everlasting.

With love, waiting for your positive response.

Only yours,





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