Dear Felix

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


[BRIEFLY STATE PRODUCT LINE AND ITS CONSUMER FUNCTION IN ONE SENTENCE, ex. The new Power Statement (tm) line of accounting software is designed by accountants, for accountants, to provide a level of control over financial records not found in conventional accounting software.]

[FIRM, ex. Spark Liter Software] is proud to introduce its new [PRODUCT LINE, ex. Power Statement (tm)] line of accounting software. [STATE TARGET CONSUMER, AND HOW THE PRODUCT MAY BENEFIT THEM, ex. Designed specifically for use by accountants, the Power Statement (tm) software line saves time and simplifies bookkeeping maintenance tasks.]

{STATE HISTORY, ex. By involving accountants in the design and development of the software, the Power Statement (tm) line represents an ergonomic leap over conventional accounting software. The advice, expertise and suggestions of over 4,000 leading accountants were incorporated to tailor the line for use specifically by professionals.}

[STATE SIGNIFICANT FEATURES, ex. Power Statement (tm) software provides sensitive control over general, payable, receivable, inventory and job costing ledgers, allowing accountants to simplify tasks which are cumbersome and messy with conventional accounting software. Significant time is saved and reports become easier to read and follow.]

For more information on the [PRODUCT LINE, ex. Power Statement (tm) line of accounting software], contact [FIRM, ex. Spark Liter Software] at [ADDRESS / TELEPHONE NUMBER, ex. 5244 First Street, Uptown, CA, 94982, 1-800-452-8421.]


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