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Rajan Sharma
956/6, Gandhi Nagar,
Delhi – 110011
(+91-11) 456 789

Freelance writer and editor specializing in children’s textbooks.


Freelance Writer

Ben Curtis and Company: Gifted Child Program, grades 7-12 Tallvia Kincaide, Inc.: Writing Handbooks, grades 7-9 Jean K. Simmons Company: Ancient Civilizations Textbook, grade 12 Jean K. Simmons Press: Literature Program, grades 9-12 Create original manuscripts for student textbooks, annotated teacher’s editions, and numerous ancillaries. Materials include the following: teaching apparatus; questions for responding, analyzing, and interpreting; thinking, writing, language, and vocabulary exercises and worksheets; multi-page writing workshops; end-of-unit features for writing and language skills; and collaborative learning activities. Design prototypes for textbook and ancillary features. Conduct multicultural literature searches.


Senior Editor, Secondary English, Jean K. Simmons Press
Project supervisor for Teacher’s Editions of a composition and grammar program, levels 6-9. Edited author manuscript for “Writing is Fun,” level 7 & 8. Wrote manuscript for “Writing is Fun,” levels 9, 10, 11, and 12, including instruction, model paragraphs, and assignments. Developed content and approach for units on critical thinking and word processor use.


Editor, Secondary English, Educational Press

Project supervisor for Teacher’s Editions and Teacher’s Resource Masters of vocabulary program, levels 9-12. Edited author manuscript for four levels of pupil books for vocabulary program. Wrote exercises, reading comprehension passages, and activities to support instruction. Conducted writing workshops for teachers as follow-up to sales.


Associate Editor, Secondary English, Educational Press
Developed explanatory material and features for teacher’s editions for grammar and composition program, levels 9-12. Contributed to the development of vocabulary program, including writing, editing, and selecting appropriate art.


Clark University, Worcester, MA. Master of Arts, Education


Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. Bachelor of Arts, English

Available upon request.

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