Resume For Employment Consultant (Specialized)

Rajan Sharma
956/6, Gandhi Nagar,
Delhi – 110011
(+91-11) 456 789

Supervisory/administrative experience with educational, recreational, vocational, and community programs.

Actively involved in programs to motivate, counsel and tutor college freshmen.

Superior communication skills and the ability to maintain cooperative spirit from individuals and groups at all age levels.

Consultant, Murdock Corporation, Fort Worth, TX
Serve as a consultant on matters pertaining to effective methods for developing job openings and serving as a source of manpower supply to industry. Involved in planning, programming, and implementing training programs for the hard-core unemployed. Work as liaison between government agencies, industry, and the community.

Supervisor, The Metropolitan League, Dallas, TX
Served as a Member of the Personnel Committee, the function of which was to set up a policy for the operation of the League. Supervised the operation of the Metro League Office. Screened and tested prospective employees and matched skills and talents with several areas of employment. Worked with government agencies and industry to solicit jobs for unskilled, unemployed youths.

Recreational Supervisor, Dalton Neighborhood Action Program, Dallas, TX
Coordinated recreational activities in seven parks and supervised twenty employees.

Counselor, Berns House, Edna, TX
Coordinated sports programs for several teenage social clubs; counseled and tutored teenagers.

Elected to serve on the Board of Homeless Advocates, a non-profit organization formed to foster the socio-economic levels of individuals and small business aspirants in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Investigated business ideas and individuals, providing funds for those with entrepreneurial potential in the greater Fort Worth area.

Bishop College, Dallas, TX
MA, Psychology, 1983

Boston University, Boston, MA
BA, Black History, 1981

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