Resume For Displaced Homemaker (Caretaking)

Rajan Sharma
956/6, Gandhi Nagar,
Delhi – 110011
(+91-11) 456 789


To provide care in an adult home or child daycare environment.


Care -Providing

Provided care for a paraplegic in a private home setting for five years.

Maintained a daily log of all medication administered.

Coordinated a biweekly story hour at two local nursing homes.

Delivered groceries to homebound seniors twice a week for two years.

Administered medication.

Acted as an assistant to seniors in wheelchairs through private and public transportation.


Organized the care of an elderly relative within a nursing home for three years.

Bargained with contractors about the adaptation of private homes for special needs adults.

Provided counseling to the elderly, clarifying their wants and needs.

Improved communication with support services for an elderly couple in order to improve their quality of life.

Organized a pet visiting hour by acting as a liaison between two nursing homes and the local animal shelter.


Organized day trips to local museums, parks, and shopping centers.

Developed calendar of monthly in house events for two nursing homes.

Planned biweekly shopping lists for several elderly individuals according to their physicians’ specifications.

Organized successful “Friend in Deed” program in which mobile seniors visited the homes of their house-bound peers.


Lexington High School, Lexington, KY

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