Curriculum Vitae For College Administrator

Rajan Sharma
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To secure a challenging college administration position which will assist the young adult in maximizing his/her potential.


Designing, implementing and evaluating programs to facilitate the adjustment, achievement, retention and career planning of female college students in their first and ensuing years of study.

Counseling the college woman with varied personal and academic problems.

Proposal writing, budget planning and analysis.

Managing personnel, staff development and evaluation.

Creating strategies and managing admissions and recruitment programs.

Teaching experience in university and public school environments.

Planning, organizing and implementing activities for cultural and personal enrichment.

Active participation in university-wide and community activities.


1979 -Present BROWN UNIVERSITY, Providence, RI
Director of Women’s Studies (1991 -Present)
Plan, administrate and evaluate a comprehensive freshman academic support program. Coordinate activities including academic advising, academic placement and academic, personal and career counseling: administrate placement tests, new student orientation, parent/student workshops cultural activities, academic tracking and early warning system for “at risk” freshman, provide group counseling services and student workshops.

Initiated a Newsletter and a Recognition dinner for women’s achievements in academics, activities and sports.

Established parent workshops on college adjustment and financing education and women’s workshops on sexual harassment, date rape, relationships and eating disorders.

Cultural awareness activities instituted included a guest lecture series, field trips to the Boston Art Museum and the Ryder Early American Collection, and a study tour to retrace the stops in the Flight of Paul Revere.

Established phone interviews with parents with permission of the student to discuss various problems, such as anorexia nervosa, academic probation, and substance abuse.


Admissions Director (1988-1991)
Managed the admissions and recruitment program, creating and designing strategies to enhance the total program, concept and mission.

Developed a marketing plan for recruitment; wrote recruitment brochures for the Office of Admissions and academic departments of the university.

Supervised professional and clerical staff; provided and encouraged in-service training and professional growth.

Compiled data for statistical reporting to various state and federal agencies.

Served as representative to the Academic Council.

Acted as liaison between the Office of Admissions, faculty, the administration and the alumni.

Maintained a positive working relationship between high school and community college counselors and the Office of Admissions.

Assistant to the Admissions Director (1979-1988)

Developed high school recruitment programs.

Visited high school and local two year college for the purpose of recruitment.

Evaluated transcripts of transfer students for transferable credits.

Served as foreign student advisor.

Substituted for Director in her absence.


1987-Present BROWN UNIVERSITY. Providence. R!

Teach Women’s Orientation, a two-hour required course for all students. Units include Eating Disorders. Value Clarification, Relationships. Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence.

Also taught Emotion Exploration Course. 1991 and 1992.


Ph.D. in Sociology, 1974
Master of Education - Counseling Major. 1972

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education - Art Minor. 1968

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