Resume For Building Inspector

Rajan Sharma
956/6, Gandhi Nagar,
Delhi – 110011
(+91-11) 456 789


More than 15 years of experience ranging from Carpenter Apprentice to general contractor/project superintendent in military, custom, and general construction.

Most recent eight years of experience as Permanent Building Inspector, with three years as Acting Building Commissioner during absence of incumbent Commissioner.

Sound knowledge of state building codes and the inspection of all construction projects.

Expertise in inspecting new and existing buildings and structures to ensure conformity to building, grading, and zoning laws and approved plans as well as specifications and standards.

Experience working with engineers and architects on design, coordination and building of construction projects.

Capable of enforcing full range of building codes and working with all construction and mechanical trades on codes including electrical and plumbing regulations.



As Local Inspector

Assigned to inspect Mobile District. Position requires application of sound knowledge of state building codes in inspecting residential, commercial, industrial and other buildings during and after construction to insure that components such as footings, floor framing, completed framing, chimneys and stairways meet provisions of building, grading, zoning and safety laws.

Interact with all construction and mechanical trades as well as architects and engineers to assure adherence to improved plans, specifications and standards.

Prepare reports concerning violations which have not been corrected, interpret legal requirements and recommend compliance procedures to contractors, craft workers, and owners.

Maintain inspection records and prepare reports for use by administrative or judicial authorities.

As Acting Building Commission:

During the absence of the Building Commissioner, assume full responsibility for administering and enforcing state building codes as well as all state rules and regulations involving construction in Mobile.



Pritchard Construction
Formed company in 1978 and applied education, training and experience in building custom style homes for clients insisting on high degree of skill, quality workmanship, and ability to complete projects to schedule and budget.

Negotiated all subcontracts. Supervised up to 25 carpenters and laborers.


Mobile Junior College, 1976, Mobile, Alabama.
Associate Degree in Industrial Arts.
Completed Apprenticeship with John Skrensky.
Journeyman Carpenter, 1978, Mobile, AL.

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