Resume For Broadcast Technician

Rajan Sharma
956/6, Gandhi Nagar,
Delhi – 110011
(+91-11) 456 789


To pursue a technical career in television or video with opportunities for training and merited advancement.


Trinity College. Burlington, VT

Associate Degree in Radio-Television-Film Technology, Dec. 1994

Cumulative GPA: 3.4, GPA in major: 3.7

Selected Radio-Television-Film Courses: News writing and Production, Film Production, Television Production, Community Video and Industrial Production, Writing for Radio-Television-Film, Station Organization and Operation (FCC Laws).
Film Direction Workshop. Sponsored by the American Film Institute. Covered the essential narrative, visual and organizational elements of the director’s craft. Examined all phases of film production from the special point of view of the director.
Script writing: An informal discussion. Sponsored by the Burlington Film Festival. Workshop explained how a studio system works, how scripts’s are submitted and evaluated.


December 1994-Present Master Control Room Technician. KSTG Channel 68, TTP Affiliate
Responsible for *’on-air” switching of various program sources, commercials, promos and public service announcements. Recorded satellite feeds. Dubbed commercials and movies. Maintained proper transmitter, program and operational discrepancy logs. Required the ability to perform with accuracy during periods of high stress.

Fall 1994 Internship. KARR-TV Channel 3, NLS Affiliate

Worked as a community production intern in the Community Service Department. Assisted in producing and writing public service announcements and special news packages. Participated in editing process, using a Sony BVE-3000A editing system.

Spring 1993 Internship. KLAG-TV Channel 7, MPT Affiliate
Operated Ampex BCC-10 studio camera and Telescripter, Inc., television prompter. Lighted commercials and public service announcements using Kliegal Brothers fresnel 2K, IK, lights and scoop lights. Century Strand 1000 750 lights and Mole-Richardson type 2561 molequartz super-softlite 2000 watt. Operated Kliegal Brothers dimmer board.

Spring 1993 Film Production Class
Wrote, produced and directed for short films. Acted as camera person for two short films.

Fall 1992 Community Video and Industrial Production Class
Operated a JVC-KY 1900 portable camera. Directed two exercise videos.

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