Resume For Astronomer

Rajan Sharma
956/6, Gandhi Nagar,
Delhi – 110011
(+91-11) 456 789


A senior level position as LEAD ASTRONOMER, preferably in a university setting utilizing research, computer-assisted and telescopic lens equipment.


Versatile Physicist and Astronomer who through 12 years in education and privately funded organizations has demonstrated proven effectiveness in the calculations and measurements of stars’ magnitudes. Strong ability to write and transform technical data into interesting and informative reading.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


Ph.D., Contemporary and Ancient Astronomy

Doctoral Thesis: “The Effect of Gamma Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds,” 1988. Published by Bob Adams, Inc., 1989.

Oxford University


M.S., Astral Physics

Doctoral Thesis: “The Hubble vs. Jodrell Bank: A Question of Perspective.”

Renselear Polytechnic Institute


B.S., Astronomy



NASA, Cape Canaveral, FL
Head Researcher

Monitor progress of Hubble telescope as it relates to super novae, the moon, and the planets.

Investigate binary stars and their movements.


Harvard University Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant

Conducted experiments and provided findings in 200-plus page reports on the magnitude of old stars; monitored their demise.

Ensured smooth running of the lab and orderly maintenance of telescopes; ordered equipment and supplies.


“Pulsars and Black Holes: Relatives or Diametric Opposites?” New England Science Journal, May 1991.

“Moon Rock or Hard Rock: Our moon in Music.” Rolling Stone Magazine, February 1988.

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