Resume For Applications Programmer (General)

Rajan Sharma
956/6, Ghandi Nagar,
Delhi – 110011
(+91-11) 456 789


Innovative applications programmer seeks a challenging position where creative ideas can be fully developed into computer software and hardware products.

Strong programming and problem analysis skills proven under high-pressure environments. Developed effective design and organizational skills from large engineering projects that shaped production testing and data collection processes. Well developed interpersonal and communication skills.

1987-Present Harley Morrison Associates Los Altos, CA

Systems Engineer

Designed and implemented real-time “Build-to-Order” manufacturing test systems to meet new marketing strategies and reduce overhead costs.
Designed network based applications for manufacturing process control and test data collection improving product quality and manufacturing efficiency.
Knowledgeable with Arcnet and Ethernet Network topologies in large-scale networking environments. Developed custom software and computer hardware for testing, process control and data collection enhancing product reliability.

Supplied technical support to foreign and domestic facilities in California, Virginia, and Beijing. Trained and supervised ten foreign and domestic test engineers and technicians. Isolated computer system failures to component level.

Evaluated test procedures and documentation.

Adapted manufacturing test process to new computer technologies and customer specifications.


Richard Rondoni Business Machines Reseda, CA Co-Op Engineer

Designed and maintained computer based electronic test hardware.
Developed hardware control software and computer interface circuitry.
Correlated production data using dBase.

Published failure and analysis reports. EDUCATION1979

The University of California at Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


COBOL, Natural, Turbo Pascal, Pascal, C, IBM 3090, IBM 3083, IBM

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