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Dear Felix

Jane Doe, born October 14, 1948, in Springfield, Kansas, passed away Saturday, January 3. She was the daughter of Luther and Marilyn Saunders of Springfield. Jane was an active member of her Springfield community where she resided for twenty-one years. She dedicated her life to her community, husband and children. Ms. Doe was the mother of three children. She was president of the PTA, den mother, and volunteered at the county library. Recently Jane served those in need as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels until her illness became too advanced. Jane was an excellent wife, mother, and neighbor.

She is survived by her husband, John Doe of Springfield; sons Eric Doe of Chicago, Illinois, and Fred Doe of Tallahassee, Florida; daughter Mary Ann Doe-Smith of Denver, Colorado; and parents, Mr. & Mrs. Luther Saunders. Services for Mrs. Doe will be held at Our Lady of Grace Church in Springfield on Tuesday, January 6. Please send your kind contributions to the Women against Breast Cancer Foundation.


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