Letter to your class fellow with whom you have fallen in Love-Reply

Dear Mack,

I got your first letter. You are really a gentle boy. Going through your letter I too find myself weak in the heart in this matter. If I am an honest girl, I accept that my feelings were also the same for you. I know this well that you are an intelligent boy and have a promising future. Your conduct with others is appreciable. You have been always a ranker in your class. I know you from Xth class.

I too from my own side wanted to develop sweet relations with you. Being unused to your ways, I did not know what to do. I noticed several times that you had looked at me as you loved me and made sweet moan. Yet I could not collect courage. And it always came feminine instinct in the way. Now you have given me an opportunity to express my feelings. So I plainly accept that I too love you heartily.

Your candid confession of love shows that you have been desirous for long to express your love to me. This letter seems to me as the overflow of your love. Any way, now I do not want to miss you.

Lost in your dreams.

Yours wholeheartedly,


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