Letter to your class fellow with whom you have fallen in love.

Dear Ross,

I do not know whether you will relish or not. The fact which I want to reveal upon you is that my heart leaps to thee. I am an introvert boy. I did not find the way out to express my inner feelings about you. I like you most. With great difficulty I could reveal this fact upon you. I expect that you would not take it otherwise. My intention is not malafide. You are a mellifluent and mellow girl. Your melodious song sung on college annual day attracted my attention and me towards you. Prior to this event I was your fan for sweet talks and sharp features.

I hope, you will not respond negatively. I pine for your love. If your response is positive, please give a sweet smile in the class by looking at me. You may also write a chit which can be passed to me directly.

In the great anxiety.

Yours own,


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