Invitation Card-001

Love Fills the Moments Moments begins eternity
Love fills a life time & a time begins this hour
Now we join our hand & with our hands our Heart.

By the grace of God time has come

When Mrs. Harlet has decided to chain-up her grand daughter


(D/o Mrs. & Mr. Dakson)

in the holly wedlock with


(S/o Mrs. & Mr. Johnson)

and feels pleasure while inviting you to join
us and shower your holly blessings & wishes
over bride & bridegroom for their smooth,
happy and joyful married life.
at their residence:

839/5, G Area, Nandscote.


With Compliments From:

Desuza Family

All Relatives & Friends

When you think of life, you dream for a partner
When you find a partner, you think of marriage
When you arrange marriage, you think of celebration
When you have the celebration, you think of friends.


Dinner at Mlcolm Hotel..........................09:00pm


Hotel Malcolm, Nandscote.

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