Affidavit for the above Letter.


I, _________, son of ______________aged about yrs ,by faith ____by profession_______, at present ________________do herby solemnly declare and affirm as follow:

1. That the owner Book of car No……………______ stands in the name of my wife………

2. That the above-mentioned owner Book was seized by the police officer, -------on __________in connection with ______.case…pending in the court of Mr.__________, magistrate, and place………

3. That the said owner Book is not traceable in the above court.

4. That search was made for the above owner Book but it could not be traced.


I do hereby solemnly declare that the statements made above are true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. I signed this in___________on_______


Identified by

Current date

The Deponent. _________________Solemnly affirmed before me who is identified by______________, Advocate, place.



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