Write a Reply to the Letter.

Sub: B.R. cards and Envelopes – Issues/Renewal of permit

Dear Sir

This has reference to your letter No._______ dated _______

1. M/s _____ & sons, (address) permitted to post B.R. Cards and envelope under permits No: for period of one year with effect from _______ to ______

2. The fee of RS: _________has been deposited by the

applicant at the Head post office.

3. The permit No__ is enclosed for delivery to the applicant

under receipt. Any entry regarding the same way be

made in the relevant register.

4. Attention is also invited to clause ___ of P&T Guide part

I. In case the renewal of permit has not been done well before the expiry of the period of currency, his article should be treated as ordinary, unpaid mail after the date of expiry of the permit and until the issuance of a permit. No Period of grace shall, in any case, be allowed.

Yours faithfully

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