Letter Appointing a Travelling Salesman/Agent.

M/s _______ Industries
_______ Point
Current Date

Receiver Name
Dear Mr._______

Sub: Appointment Letter for the Post of Salesman/Agent

With reference to your application dated _______ for the post of Traveling salesman and the subsequent interview on ______ we have pleasure in appointing you traveling salesman of our company on the following terms and conditions.

1. That you will be given a monthly salary of Rs ______ plus ____% commission on the net value of orders secured by you.
2. That you will be entitled for first class rail fare and a daily allowance of Rs _______.
3. That you will book all orders on cash basis only.
4. That you shall not carry out any other business while on tour.
5. That either party can terminate the contract by giving _____ days notice in writing.
6. That all disputes shall be subject to ______ courts only.
If you accept the above terms and conditions you may report for duty on _____ but no case later than ________.

Yours faithfully

Your Name

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