Write an Application for the Post of a Traveling Salesman.


This has reference to your advertisement in ‘The News’ dated __________ for the post of a Traveling Salesman in your company and I offer my services as one of the candidates.

I have traveled extensively throughout ________ during the last ______ years as Sales Representative of M/s ________ Marketing services _______. During said period I have come across numerous dealers and thus I am well acquainted with the prevailing market conditions.I was paid a monthly salary of Rs. ______ per month, a first class fare and for stay in any deluxe hotel. Besides, I used to get conveyance and a commission of ____% on net sales

However, the sudden demise of my father and ailing mother at home necessitated my resigning the job. During my absence, my employers appointed another person and were not able to accommodate me. They were, however, much pleased with my work as you can see from the enclosed certificated. If you refer to them, they will be glad to give you the required information about me.

I shall feel obliged if you can call me for an interview to give you any other information that you may seek.

Thanking you

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