Write a Reply to the above Letter Sending Details Regarding Terms.

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your letter dated __________ together with your order No.______ of the same date.

Our terms are as given below:

Discount : ____%

Packing : ________% of the net amount of the bill

Freight : Full freight from _________ to ________

(Port of shipment) about ________% of the net bill to be charged to your account

Ship Freight : About ________% chargeable in the bill

Insurance : To be arranged at your end

Payment : Through letter of Credit

Despatch : Within ______ days from the date of receipt of

Your letter of credit

We hope that you will find the terms quite reasonable and acceptable. In order to save further time in correspondence, we are enclosing seven copies of Performa invoice No. _ ______ For $._________, $. ________ to enable you to open a letter of Credit.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

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