Write a Letter Offering Services of an Agent.

Dear Sirs,

We take this opportunity in introducing ourselves as the leading Clearing & Forwarding Agents in Canada.

Presently we are serving _______ clients of which 186 are located in Canada alone. We can collect all the parcels from your door – whether they are to be sent by post/road/rail/ship or air – and then we deliver all your consignments at your door irrespective of the mode through which they come.

We have fleet of our own trucks and delivery vans and there are ____ persons in our employment.After receiving information from your end, we can arrange to lift all goods within three hours. If by any chance, goods are not booked for any reason whatsoever pr the released goods are not delivered to you on the same day, they will be stored in our go downs at your own risk and cost and the follow-up action shall be done on the next working day.

Our charges being very moderate will be acceptable to you.
If you are interested in availing our services, please drop us a line and we shall send our representative to discuss details with you.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

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