Letter to the Organization to be Audited


(State the details of your organization in a few sentences)

(State the purpose of the audit, in a few sentences)

….state name of your organization…… is taking up issues concerning the disabled citizens of the country. It is working actively. With the support of its members, to promote equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. We are organizing Disability Audits in ….state name of city/town you are working in……, as accessibility has been the most neglected issue in the disability sector in India and probably on one of the most crucial. The objective of these Audits is to identify the extent of problem regarding access to public buildings in India for persons with disabilities and to create awareness on the issue.A group of disabled people would like to come to ….state of organization being contacted…… on ….state date, time of the desired visit…… for conducting the Disability Audit. The group would like to visit the following:

State the actual sites/facilities that would be evaluated

The group would be accompanied with a media team.

We request you to kindly extend your support and cooperation for the smooth conduction of the Audit. We would like to stress again that the objectives is to create awareness and sensitivity in the general public regarding access to public buildings for persons with disabilities and we seek the permission and cooperation of your esteemed Institute in this endeavor. Please issue directions to the concerned departments in the hospital for their cooperation. We would also be grateful if the concerned Public Relations Officer of the Institute could accompany the media team and us during the Disability Audit. The task will take about two hours.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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