Write a Letter to your sister pointing out the good and bad points of your school.

My dear Sister

I received your letter yesterday and feel glad to know that you are interested in my school. Ours is one of the best and most popular schools in this city. It is situated in the heart of the city and is housed in a spacious three-storeyed building. It has large play grounds where many different games are played. However, it is regretting to say that in spite of vast playgrounds enough emphasis is not laid on participating in games.

The teachers in our school are highly experienced, hardworking and sincere. They put in their best and show unprecedented results. The students of our school invariably secure topmost positions in the examinations.

Our school library is equipped with innumerable books some of which are very interesting to read and have been written by internationally renowned authors. The school library has hundreds of periodicals too. However, here again, very few students or teachers are seen in the library.

Ours is basically a result-oriented school and the highest emphasis is laid on studies and academic results.

There is always a competition to show exemplary results. In the Process moral, cultural and physical aspects of education are sometimes neglected.

Pay my best compliments to Mummy and Papa.

Your loving brother

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