Write a letter to your brother telling him how you collection money for drought relief

Dear My Brother

Being a regular reader of the newspaper, you must have read about the drought conditions prevailing in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. This is the second consecutive year when the rain-gods refused to smile on this ill-fated region.

Western Rajasthan is a part of the Thar Desert, with a sea of sand and no vegetation. Failure of rains results in a great disaster for the people as well as their cattle. They are really leading a very hard life.
We, the students of my class, with a view to help our unfortunate brethren, decided to raise relief funds. We formed groups and went to each house in the neighbouring colonies. Responding to our appeal, the people donated generously. We also organised a Charity Show and a Mini Fair in our colony.

People manifested their deep concern and helped us with clothes, medicines and cash. We were able to collect Rs. one lakh eighty thousand within a fortnight.

We are sending a team of boys to Jaisahocr to distribute the funds to the needy people.

Your loving brother

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