You are Returning to your School Hostel, You are Traveling in the Train and stopped for some hours due to heavy floods. Write a letter to your Father Describing how you and your co- Passenger spent that time.

My dear Father

I am sorry for the delay in intimating you of my safe arrival at the school hostel after the vacation. Actually, the journey was not that smooth.

The train left the station on time. I spread my bedding on the berth and started relaxing. After about a two-hour journey, it suddenly stopped. I saw most of the passengers peeping out of the windows. I got down and found many persons crowding around the guard.

On enquiry it was found that there were flash floods in the river Gomati. The floods had caused serious damage to the rail tracks and the area was submerged in water.
There was a great anxiety among the passengers, many of whom were going on important business. Some passengers were terribly upset. They were pestering the guard who himself did not know when the train would resume its journey.

The local people from the neighbouring villages came to our rescue. They provided us with food and water. We remained stranded for about twenty hours and then the train resumed its journey. We heaved a sigh of relief. On the way we saw the ravages caused by the floods.

Pay my regards to dear Mother and love to Sonali.

Your loving son

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