Write a Letter to your Brother Living in Another town Informing him about the Scooter Accident you Met with

My dear Brother

I am sorry to be late in writing to you. I received your letter on 16th February. In fact, I could not write to you early because I met with a scooter accident.

It was the 2th of -----------. I was riding my scooter towards Vijay Ghat. It had rained and the road was wet. A truck was parked on the left about 20 metres before the top of the hill. I passed the truck safely and then saw two cyclists approaching from the opposite direction suddenly. I turned to the left in order to avoid running into the cyclists and applied the brakes.

As the road was wet, my scooter skidded and hit the fence. I was thrown off and sustained injuries on my leg. A few passersby took me to the hospital where my leg was plastered.

I am gradually recovering and the plaster will be removed next week. Otherwise I am all right and out of any danger and
Hence, you need not worry.

Pay my regards to Bhabhi ji and love to Sonali.

Your loving brother

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