Write a Letter to Your Younger Brother Advising him to Avoid Bad Company in School

Dear Smith

I was very unhappy and full of grief to read the letter of your class teacher who informed that you have started moving in the company of bad boys. Your class teacher has made a very strong complaint against you and this is really shocking news as it was not expected of you.

It is very shocking to know that you have started bunking classes to see movies and have also started smoking. If this tendency continues, the day may not be very far when you will start gambling, consuming alcohol and taking drugs.

You must know that a man is known by the company he keeps. If you continue moving in bad company, you will spoil your life and also bring bad name to your school and family. As we are not a rich family, we cannot afford to waste even a single rupee. Moreover, Father has very high hopes for you.

I, therefore, advise you to shun bad company immediately and devote time to studies sincerely and whole-heartedly. I hope that you will not give me a chance to receive the same complaint against you.

Your loving brother

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