Write a Letter of Condolence to your Friend who has Lost his Mother

Dear John

I was shocked beyond words to hear about the sad and untimely demise of your beloved mother. She was quite hale and hearty when I met her last month. The news was like a bolt from the blue.I do not have words to express my anguish as it is a great loss to you and all other members of your family. Your mother was a very kind lady and was always helpful to others. She possessed great qualities of head and heart. Her death is a great personal loss to me as she loved me like her own son. I cannot believe that she is no more with us and has left for her heavenly abode.

You have to bear this loss with patience and courage. We are just puppets in the hands of the Almighty. Be bold and look after your father and your younger brother. Time will surely heal your wounds in due course. My sympathies are with you.

May God rest her soul in peace!

Yours sincerely

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