Write a Letter Persuading him to Appear in the Examination

Dear John

I received your letter just now and was surprised, rather shocked to know that you have decided to drop the Board Examination this year. Your decision to drop the examination goes against your calibre and the hard work you have been doing.

I happened to meet your class teacher a few days ago. She was all praise for you and was of the view that you are one of the most quick-witted students of the class. Two friends of yours also hold the same opinion. Hence your despondency is unrealistic You may be underestimating your calibre as you have some misconception about your preparation. Please do not waste one year as time once gone never comes back.

I sincerely advise you to appear in the forth-coming Board Examinations. I am sure you will come off with flying colours.

With best wishes

Sincerely yours

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