Write a letter to your Father giving him news about Home.

Dear Father

I received your letter yesterday and we came to know of the news at your end. We were all sad to know that you are missing us. It is but natural as you have been away on the ship for long time.

We all are fine and as you have asked me to write to you all about home, I am glad to inform you that I have passed my annual examination scoring 95 % marks and I stood first in my school. Mother celebrated the day with a small party, calling relatives and family friends. However, we all missed you a lot that day.
Few days back, little brother Anil suffered high fever so we took him to the family doctor, who diagnosed it to be viral fever. He is recovering well now. Mother is fine too but we all miss you.

We are looking forward to your homecoming and hope to meet you very soon.

Yours Loving Son

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