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Dear Felix

Other credit agencies like to do things their way. At Credit Complete, we want to do things your way.

We’re the only professional credit agency in the northwest who offers 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day schedules for collection. Which one best suits your situation?

• 30 day plan: two letters, three phone calls. Only Rs.600 per account plus 5 percent collected fees commission.

• 60 day plan: four letters, five phone calls. Only Rs.800 per account plus 5 percent commission.

• 90 day plan: six letters, seven phone calls. Only Rs.1400 per account plus 5 percent commission.

Choose the schedule most appropriate to your business. Feel free to apply your overdue accounts to separate schedules. With Credit Complete, the choice is yours. Doing things your way means keeping you informed every step of the process, reporting all exchanges and collections made throughout your selected schedule. We also send you a bi-weekly postcard detailing our progress.

Fill out the enclosed business reply card and send it in today. Credit Complete looks forward to helping you manage your growing business.


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