General Sales-Collection Services-2

Dear Felix

Since 1971, New Delhi. Credit and Recovery has been the professional collection agency of choice. The simple reason: We save you money while we collect your cash.

New Delhi Credit and Recovery understands that high-priced credit agencies defeat the whole purpose of fee retrieval. That’s why 26 years ago; we devised a unique plan to deliver high-quality service without the high prices. It’s a plan we continue to live by today.

• New Delhi Credit and Recovery guarantees: if we don’t collect, we don’t charge you a penny.

• If we collect your fee within 10 days, there’s still absolutely no charge!

• When we collect past the 10-day point, our representatives work on commission rates: 10 percent of fees Rs.8000 or more, or Rs.800 per account under Rs.8000.

Let us set your cash flow in motion. Fill out the enclosed reply card to receive more information.

With New Delhi Credit and Recovery, you have nothing to lose. Guaranteed

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