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Dear Felix

Easy Collect listens to your concerns:

• “My business functions much better when cash flow is high.”

• “Slow paying accounts have a negative impact on the productivity of my business.”

• “High-quality collection agencies or attorneys might retrieve my money, but their fees negate any gain. So what’s the point?”

The point is Easy Collect.

We have the affordable answer to your collection problem. A comprehensive collection agency that increases your cash flow, Easy Collect lets you control the collection process.

We inform you of all inquiries, correspondence, and collections made throughout the guaranteed 60-day schedule (three letters, five phone calls). You receive weekly update cards on your account. And you pay only Rs.750 per delinquent client—that’s 60 days of concentrated collection for less than Rs.800 per account.

Please fill out the enclosed reply card and we’ll send you the details. You’ll understand how Easy Collect manages to deliver the highest quality without the highest cost.


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