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Dear Felix

You want information. Your boss wants budget information. Your customers want inventory information. Your customers’ customers want distribution information. And they all want it NOW!

Anandan Information Center is an extension of your office, serving businesses as a complete records storage center. Service makes the difference at Anandan Information Center.

We offer comprehensive services for information storage, including electronic media, hard copy, microfilm, magnetic tape, and optical media. Our 20,000 cubic foot fire-proof vault is climate controlled with a zoned sprinkler system.

Our computer tracking system collects inventories, bar codes each box or file, and records dates of destruction for obsolete material. Anderson Information Center can pick up and deliver your records 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

We would be happy to come to your business to discuss what Anandan Information Center can do for you. Please call 2555-2387, ext. 239 to arrange for an appointment.


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