General Sales-Alumni Solicitations-4

Dear Felix

The Alumni Organization is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for graduates of Northern University’s Business College. We invite you to join the Gold Club, and meet other professional alumni and participate in the success of Northern University.

An annual gift of Rs.6000 allows you to become a Gold Club member. Your gift goes to support improvements in the Business College’s Career Center, computer labs, and instructional equipment.

As a Gold Club member, you will enjoy Club social events and an opportunity to go on our annual trip. You will also receive a copy of The Contact Book, a directory of other members along with brief career biographies.

In order for a Northern University degree to continue to carry prestige, we must work together to maintain our facilities and services. By joining the Gold Club you can have fun and do some serious good for the Business College. Please call (1800) 555-2308 to join.


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