General Sales-Alumni Solicitations-3

Dear Felix

Did you hear the University of Western Maharashtra’ Student Center is in desperate need of renovation? The building where you ate lunch between classes, snoozed on one of the west hall couches, and played pool with friends is 85 years old. This center of campus life needs major plumbing and electrical system overhauls as well as elevators in order to meet fire and safety codes.

The Alumni Association announces the Save the Student Center Campaign, an alumni fund-raiser designed to collect the 15 lakhs rupees needed for the renovation. We have organized donor categories to help you decide what you can afford to give:

• The Black and Yellow Club: Those who contribute Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 receive University of Western Maharashtra calendar.

• The Yellow Jacket Club: Those who contribute Rs.4000 to Rs.20000 receive discounts on season sports tickets.

• The Dean’s Club: Those who contribute Rs.20000 to 40000 receive two tickets to the Homecoming basketball game.

• The President’s Circle: Those who contribute Rs.40000 or more receive their name engraved on a plaque in the new building plus two tickets to the Centennial Dinner.

You can make your contribution by returning the enclosed form. We thank you for helping to save the Student Center.


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