General Sales-Alumni Solicitations-1

Dear Felix

Generation X, grunge rock, mosh pits, political scandals for the record books, bizarre love triangles — as the Class of ‘07, the media has kept us up to date more than any other generation in history.

Unfortunately, one thing you won’t hear on your radio or television is how much your alumni association needs you. The goal of the Young Alumni Associations (YAA) Class of ‘96 is to contribute Rs.1 million to the General Improvement Fund (GIF). That’s less than taking Air Force One for a test spin, or one week’s stay in the Lincoln Bedroom.

If all of us were to contribute Rs2000 to Rs.4000 we should meet our goal. If you would like to impress the pants off us, contribute Rs.12000 or more and we will form a circle and chant your name three times. Ok, we won’t do the circle thing, but we will send you either two tickets for the Founders’ Day Ball or the game against Western College.

While you are trying to decide which event you prefer to attend, let me explain what the GIF is. The GIF is used for much needed laboratory equipment, building repair and improvements, computers and library materials.

The YAA needs your help in maintaining your alma mater. Please complete and return the enclosed contribution card. More than any other class, we hope the Class of ‘07 knows how much can be accomplished when we all pitch in!

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