Write a letter to the Editor addressing the serious issues in Trauma Care.

Dear Editor

This is with reference to the report titled ‘Experts recommend national standards to improve trauma care’ by (name of author) in the (date) issue of your paper. I congratulate him for highlighting the issues in trauma care and covering the consultation report for improvement of trauma care.

I have lost my only son in (city) on (date). He was a final year student of computer Science and Engineering, doing project study in (name of company). On (date), while going to office, he slipped from a train at (name of station) and his left hand was detached. He was first taken to (name of hospital) by the railway police where no facility for trauma care was available and from there to the plastic and reconstructive surgery department instead of trauma care.

Doctors in that department showed much interest in reconstruction of that hand, which was separated without going for a CT scan. Consent was taken from distant relatives without waiting for us parents to reach there. As a result, our died the next day at the age of _____.

It appears either (name) hospital did not have the expertise or the equipment to take care of such patients, or the plastic surgery department did an experiment on my son, which cost him his life. It is good that the government has woken up and is looking into trauma care and laying proper guidelines.


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