Fund Raising-9

Dear Felix

All around us we see the signs that Christmas is just around the corner. Bells are ringing, the stores are twinkling with their lights and decorations, Christmas trees are everywhere, and children all over the world are writing to Santa Claus. However, many children won’t receive what they ask for this Christmas. In fact, they won’t receive anything at all.

You can help these children experience the same joy you did on Christmas morning as you unwrapped that special present by donating Christmas Toys and Joys. You can donate a new, unwrapped toy at any of our mall donation sites or you can send a check which will use for the express purpose of buying Christmas toys for underprivileged children.

Donations sites have been established at every major shopping mall in the city, call 555-5555 to find the location nearest to you, or you could use the postage paid envelope enclosed to send a monetary gift. Please, help give others something to look forward to Christmas morning.


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