Write a Letter to the Editor of the Newspaper giving suggestions for controlling the growing Air Pollution.

Dear Editor

Through the columns of your esteemed dail, I would like to suggest some measures for controlling the growing air pollution in (name of city).

First of all, all heavy vehicles (HCVs) should be banned from entering the city and only light commercial vehicles, such as tempos should carry the goods to the heart of the city. The transport buses plying within the city should be replaced by electric vans and trolleys to ferry commuters within the city.

Secondly, all factories should be shifted to far-flung areas of the city. These steps along with the working of the complete Metro system in (name of city) will help in controlling the growing air pollution in the city. Unless such and other similar steps are taken immediately, the problem of air pollution will certainly assume serious proportions.

I hope the concerned authorities will pay prompt attention to this growing menace and initiate action.

Yours truly

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