Farewell To Customer-8

Dear Felix

I have enjoyed being your Sweet Home Realty representative for the last two years. Thank you for trusting me with the important sale of your first home. I regret to inform you that I have accepted a job with LaMont Realty, beginning January 2, and will be moving to Manhattan in two months.

Now, we need to get busy and assign a realtor to your condominium. I feel most confident recommending Juhi Kabir as the new representative for your property. She has a wealth of practical experience dealing with the leasing and purchasing of condominiums. Call me soon at Sweet Home if you would like to discuss this further or call Juhi on her direct office line at 9822-9900.

I’m sorry to have to say good-bye to wonderful clients like you. Thanks again for your business and your friendship. My new office number for 2007 is (212) 345-5988. Be sure to stay in touch.


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